AWS doesn't let it's technology stagnate.
Don't be left behind.

Utilizing AWS's cloud adoption and migration frameworks, we set realistic goals on continuing to improve your cloud journey.

Continue your cloud journey | Identify issues before they stop your business | Streamline costs and improve performance

Getting to the cloud is the beginning

Remove undifferentiated heavy lifting utilizing AWS Services decreasing your time to market and keeping costs in check Continue to innovate faster. Utilize TrueMark's expertise on everything from managed services selection, pipeline and deployment creation to data modernization


Don't Migrate Legacy Apps Without Modernizing Them

Using a lift and shift methodology may get you out of your datacenter, but it won't unburden you from the mountain of technical debt.


TrueMark Provides the Support You Need: Containers, Serverless, ECS, EKS

With TrueMark you can have frank solution based conversations about what is best for your organization. We will help you understand the tradeoffs and benefits of each solution.


Data Lake, AWS Lake Formation, Modern Business Intelligence

TrueMark can help you modernize your data and analytics. We can help you leverage the data you have to make critical business decisions.


Metrics and Monitoring

Our robust infrastructure has metrics and monitoring built in. Don't be alerted to failure by your customers. Let TrueMark keep a pulse on your infrastructure.